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Woodpecker Dental Ultrasonic Scaler U600 ,Smart Touch System ,Automatic Water Supply

Woodpecker Dental Ultrasonic Scaler U600 ,Smart Touch System ,Automatic Water Supply

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Model: U600 LED
> Powerful functions
> Smart touch system
> Effective and thorough endodontic irrigation
> Intelligent degenerative feedback
> More effective scaling
> Sine wave drive
>Automatic water Supply System

Technical parameters :
Main unit input: 220-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 150mA (if you use 110V voltage , please don’t buy).
Output primary tip vibration excursion: ≤90μm
Output half-excursion force: <2N
Output tip vibration frequency: 28kHz±3kHz
Output power: 3W to 20W
Main unit fuse: T0.5AL 250V
Water pressure: 0.01MPa to 0.5MPa
Weight of main unit: 1.8kg

★ Powerful functions ,you can use for Integrate Supragingival scaling,subgingival scaling,reconstruction of minimal damnification,implant maintenance and root canal therapy into a whole.
★ Smart touch system/ Clear control panel display /Ultrasensitive touch control /Waterproof design.
★ Effective and thorough After endodontic irrigation, there is no smear layer an surface but a few amount of dentin debris in the root canal.
★ Intelligent degenerative feedback and More effective scaling, In accordance with different tooth surface,intelligent degenerative feedback will automatically output accurate power to the tip.
★ Sine wave drive ,Avoiding stimulation caused by instantaneous current output; ensuring comfortable treatment.

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