COXO Electrical Motor: C-PUMA Mini - 20240507

Are you seeking a dental micromotor that combines precision, versatility, and efficiency? Look no further than the COXO Electrical Motor, specifically the C-PUMA Mini model. Engineered for dental professionals, this innovative device redefines the standards of dental motor technology.

Advanced Brushless Motor Technology: The COXO C-PUMA Mini sets itself apart with its advanced brushless motor technology, ensuring silent operation, minimal vibration, and extended lifespan compared to traditional brushed motors. This technology also offers precise control over rotational speed, facilitating smooth and accurate dental procedures.

Wide Speed Range with Micro-adjustment: Experience unparalleled versatility with a speed range spanning from 5000 to 200000rpm. The motor allows for micro-adjustments, enabling fine-tuning to match the specific requirements of different dental procedures. Whether you need gentle precision or high-speed efficiency, the COXO C-PUMA Mini delivers.

Integrated LED Illumination: Illuminate your workspace with the built-in LED lighting feature, providing clear visibility during intricate dental procedures. The adjustable light intensity ensures optimal illumination without causing discomfort to the patient, enhancing both accuracy and comfort for the dentist.

1:5 Contra Angle with Auto-Calibration: Enhance your control and maneuverability with the included 1:5 contra angle attachment. This specialized contra angle offers a perfect balance of torque and speed, ideal for various dental tasks such as cavity preparation, polishing, and implantology. The auto-calibration feature ensures consistent performance and reliability, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Intuitive User Interface: Streamline your workflow with the user-friendly interface of the COXO C-PUMA Mini. The ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it easy for dental professionals to operate the device with precision and confidence, minimizing learning curves and optimizing productivity.

Experience the next generation of dental motor technology with the COXO Electrical Motor: C-PUMA Mini. Elevate your dental practice with unmatched precision, reliability, and efficiency.