The COXO DB686 SWIFT Curing Light - 20240515

The COXO DB686 SWIFT is a professional dental curing light designed to meet the needs of modern dental practices. With its advanced features and high performance, it is an essential tool for dentists aiming for precise and efficient treatments.

Key Features:
Three Working Modes: The DB686 SWIFT offers three different modes to cater to various dental procedures - Soft Up Mode, High Power Mode, and Orthodontic Mode.

Large Capacity Battery: Equipped with a large capacity battery, the DB686 SWIFT ensures long-lasting performance and reliability during dental procedures.

360° Rotating Metal Head: The 360-degree rotating metal head provides easy access and flexibility, allowing for effective curing in all areas of the oral cavity.

Deep Curing Capability: The DB686 SWIFT is capable of deep curing, ensuring thorough and effective polymerization of dental materials.


The COXO DB686 SWIFT is versatile and suitable for a wide range of dental procedures, including but not limited to:
Curing of composite restorations
Bonding of orthodontic brackets
Sealant applications
Root canal treatment in conjunction with an APEX locator


The COXO DB686 SWIFT combines advanced technology with practical design to deliver reliable and efficient curing performance. With its three working modes, large capacity battery, and deep curing capability, it is an indispensable tool for any dental practice looking to achieve quality and consistency in their procedures.