Exploring the Versatility of the COXO Dental Electric Motor: C-PUMA Master - 20240506

The C-PUMA Master, a revolutionary 2 in 1 electric motor & endo motor by COXO, represents the pinnacle of dental electric motor technology. Its adaptability and precision make it an indispensable asset in various dental procedures, including root canal treatments and endodontic procedures. Let's delve deeper into its multifaceted capabilities, including its unique dual-mode operation.

Dual Functionality:
Endo Mode: Tailored for intricate endodontic procedures, the Endo Mode provides precise control and compatibility with endo files, ensuring optimal outcomes in root canal treatments.
Electric Mode: Versatile enough to handle a wide array of dental procedures, from simple restorations to complex prosthetic work, ensuring seamless integration into daily practice routines.

High-Resolution Display:
A vivid 5-inch color screen offers crisp visuals and intuitive touch controls, empowering dentists with real-time feedback and seamless navigation through settings and options.

Versatile Contra Angles:
Equipped with a 1:5 contra angle and a 6:1 mini head contra angle, the C-PUMA Master caters to diverse procedural requirements, allowing for precise and comfortable operation in various clinical scenarios.

Programmable Settings:
With seven programmable memory storage slots, dentists can customize and save settings for different procedures, promoting workflow efficiency and consistency.

In conclusion, the COXO C-PUMA Master sets a new standard in dental electric motor technology. Its innovative 2 in 1 electric motor & endo motor design, coupled with advanced features such as a high-resolution display and versatile contra angles, empowers dental professionals to deliver exceptional care with precision and efficiency.