1.Accessories of C-puma int+ (Dental Electric Motor)

2.COXO Yusen dent C-Puma int+ Dental Electric Motor Brushless Motor Micro Motor&Control Box

3.COXO C-PUMA Mini Dental electrical motor,Technician Electrical Motor Switzerland Brushless Motor 5000-200000rpm

4.THREEH 3H EA-MOTOR dental brushless Micro electric motor


5.Accessories for C-sailor pro implant motor

6.HL-BM Low Speed Air Motor Dental Handpiece Contra Angle

7.Dental Endo Motor with LED Light Endodontics Treatment & Reciprocation with 9 Program Setting

8.Small Mini New Dental Mirco Motor Vacuum Cleaner Strong Suction Low Nioce Silent Portable Dental Suction Machine Unit

9.HL-CM Low Speed Air Motor Dental Handpiece With Optical Fiber



10.COXO Dental Wireless Bluetooth Endo motor with Apex Locator 2 in 1 C-smart Pilot with 5-inch touch screen ,build-in most of file system

11.Dental Wireless Endo Motor with Apex locator 2 in 1,10 Program Setting & Alternative Reciprocating

12.COXO C-smart mini AP Dental Wireless Endo Motor & Apex Locator 2 in 1 , Reciprocation System

13.COXO C-Sailor Pro Dental Implant Motor with Led light ,80 Super Torque , Touch Screen, Ship from US/ Mecico

14.60Pcs Disposable Oral Water Delivery Tube Irrigation tubing set- Fit into Dental Implant Motor C-Sailor Pro

15.COXO Dental 1:4.2 /1:5 Contra Angle For Crown Removal and Tooth Extraction With COXO Implant Motor



16.COXO C-Smart-1 pro Dental Endo Motor & Apex Loator 2 in 1

17.Venta promocional con pérdid



18.Accesorios of C-smart Pilot (endo motor)

19.CICADA Wireless Endo Motor With Apex Locator 2 in 1 , with Led light For Endodintics Treatment

20.HL-AS Dental 1:1 Slow Low Speed Handpiece Tips Contra Angle Latch Chuck Bur Handpiece NSK Style

21.Accessories for C-SMART -1 PRO

22.65W Strong 90 Control Box Strong 210 35K 102L Handpiece for Manicure Pedicure Nail Drill Apparatus for Manicure Machine Tool for Dental Lab

23.COXO High speed contra angle 1:4.2 rate, 45° ,Can be used on back teeth open crown ,it can work with COXO implant motor

24.COXO C-puma master Electric motor

25.C7-1S COXO Dental 1: 5 Contra Angle for Remove Crown and Tooth Extraction, can be used with COXO implant motor

26.COXO C-Smart-1 Electric brushless Motor Micro Motor&Control box (second hand)